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You & Your Family: Your Home: SAFE

"We No Longer Sell The InstaShield Home Protection System. You Can Now Make The System Yourself. Watch The Video Below To Find Out How"

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In the very likely event of civil unrest, war or other national emergency, what is to stop criminals, looters or desperate citizens from STEALING EVERYTHING YOU OWN?

Your food, your water, your money, your jewellery, your ‘secret’ safe. In fact, what’s to stop them harming your wife and children…?)




Face It. You and Your Family Will Be On Your Own.

You Are Sitting Ducks.

In the event of a crisis, the police will be unable to cope. Your wife and children will be relying on YOU.

The Solution

“At Last, a Revolutionary ‘InstaShield™’ That Is Proven To Stop Anyone from Getting Into Your Home – Even With a Sledge Hammer!”

You Cannot Change the World – But YOU CAN

  • Protect Your Life
  • Protect Your Family
  • Protect Your Home and Possessions.

For the rest of your life, you will have complete peace of mind, KNOWING that you, your family, your home and your possessions are SAFE

How? By having a ‘InstaShield™’ installed on your home.

So, How Does it Work?

It is SIMPLE! That is why it is called The InstaShield™.

  1. We measure every single window and door on your home.
  2. We manufacture made-to-measure fast-fit steel plates for your windows and our unique fast-fit steel door shields.
  3. We return to your home and fit the shields to your home, checking that everything fits perfectly.
  4. We do this without causing any damage to your home.
  5. We then remove the shields and you can store them anywhere you want. Most of our clients store them out of the way in the garage, or garden, but you can put them anywhere you want.
  6. In the event of an emergency, you will be able to fit them to your own home in an hour or so.
  7. That is it.

Take the simple solution to protecting what you cherish the most in your life.

Protect your home, your possessions, but most of take action to protect the lives of your family and your loved ones.

With Prepper Safe Homes ‘InstaShield™’, you have 100% peace of mind knowing that in the event of ANY civil emergency, civil unrest, riot, terror attack, war or home invasion, that you can make your home virtually impregnable – within one hour or so.

With our ‘InstaShield™’, you will transform your home into a totally secure, totally safe ‘bunker’ – and you will do it quickly, easily and it is guaranteed to work.

"The World’s Best Instant Home Protection System"

  1. Tested virtually impregnable to any form of home invasion
  2. Simple and easy to use
  3. Can be fitted at a moment’s notice
  4. Manufactured in lightweight galvanised steel to fit every window and door of your home or business premises.
  5. Designed and manufactured by qualified British engineers
How real is the threat of civil unrest, rioting, terrorism, looting, civil war, ransacking and the many other forms of home invasion?

"Click any of the links below to see what the worlds leading authorities have to say about the impending threat of civil unrest..."

Channel 4
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The Daily Mirror
The Daily Telegraph

Most citizens in the UK are just like you. Honest, law abiding and would never dream of breaking to someone elses home. Never dream of stealing, and certainly never dream of harming anybody. The chances are that you are one of those people...

But I have a few questions for you.

And please answer them as honestly as you can.

Imagine this....

In the event of a 'national emergeny', the supermarket shelves would be empty in a few hours. You will have little food, little water, no fuel, maybe you are low on essential medication...

That nice man on the BBC is instructing you to stay at home, close all the doors and windows, and tells you to remain calm. (That message is already all over the UK, STAY CALM on cups, posters, bill boards, tee shirts, badges,etc. It is kind of interesting that, isn't it....?)

But your family, your children, your elderly relatives are hungry and they are looking to you for a solution.

QUESTION: What are you going to do?

QUESTION: Are you going to sit at home and starve?

QUESTION: Or are you going to mumble impotent words to your loved ones, whilst deep inside you are terrified that the last of the food is being taken by those out on the streets?

QUESTION: As you sit and watch the tears and fears of your loved ones, what are YOU going to do?

Maybe it would do no harm to go out on the streets and find out where the food is?

After all, you love your family, they are everything to you - and they are thirsty and hungry.

FACT: When faced with hunger and thirst, MOST PEOPLE - INCLUDING THE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS - WILL TAKE TO THE STREETS - doing whatever they have to do to feed their loved ones.

And as for the criminal element of society, this is what they have been waiting for for a very long time. The recent riots in the UK shown just how willing people are to loot and destroy other people property.

I am not taking sides in a complicated political debate, I am just stating the facts.

In times of civil unrest, it is your DUTY to protect your family, your home, your possessions, it is your DUTY to keep them ALIVE.

Let's imagine you had little food at home, so you go out on the streets looking to BUY anything you can. You have no intention of breaking the law. You see people breaking down doors and stealing food, clothes and water from their neighbors. It is terrible, absolutely terrible.

Man kicking down door

You move on, away from the disgusting scene. In the next street, you see a solitary middle aged man standing in front of a semi-detached house. He approaches the solid wooden front door. In a flash his boot kicks again and again at the front door until the door bursts of its hinges. He reaches into his pocket, pulls something metallic out and slowly enters the building.

This is a nightmare that you cannot wake up from. You turn your back and flee empty handed, rushing home to the most important people in the world. Your family. You would give your life for them, and you know that if things get much worse on the street, you may have to.

QUESTION: As you flee empty handed back to your family, you see two high quality premises in a quite cul-de-sac. One of the premises has normal windows and doors and the other seems to be boarded up with some kind of steel plates on the windows and doors.

If you were going to break into one of them, which one would you choose?

Be honest now.

The first house you could be in and out in two minutes, and assuming there was no one inside, you could be home with food in about ten minutes.

The second house looks like you would need an oxy acetylene blowtorch just to get in!

It's A No Brainer!

Nobody wants to get caught looting, especially if under Martial Law. So EVERYONE would choose the unprotected house. In and out in just a few minutes.

It Would Take Hours With a Sledge Hammer To Enter The House That Is Protected With Prepper Safe Homes 'InstaShield™'

FACT: Any would-be-thief would simply choose the unprotected house.

In times of national emergency and civil unrest, it is your personal responsibility to look after yourself, your family, your possessions, your home and the lives of your loved ones.

Civil unrest is taking place in many countries around the world - right now. As you are reading these words, people are living in fear and people are dying. They too thought it could never happen to them.

  • Hopefully you will never need to use this system, (though some of our clients do use this system on their second homes.) However, it may be a month, a year, or even ten years before serious civil unrest happens in the United Kingdom.
  • Most of the window shields can be lifted by one person, but for larger windows and doors, these can be easily lifted into place by two people. A normal husband and wife couple can easilt fit the shields into place. No skilled team of fitters are required as your home will have been pre-drilled to readily accept the fitted shields.
  • A normal husband and wife team can normally fit the shields to an average sized home in two hours.

When you first begin to think about the implications of the unfolding civil unrest that is sweeping the planet, it can be quite disturbing.

Unfortunately, there is not much we as individuals can do about the geo political situation. But the one thing you can do, is to take steps now to protect what you have.

Protect your home and your family now, before it is too late.

Once you have done that, you will enjoy a different experience of life, knowing that you have taken every step that is humanely possible to protect your family, your home and your possessions.

P.S. If you would like to buy this site from me, then get in touch at We have lots of page one rankings on Google and it would make a great platform for selling prepper supplies.