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As mentioned in the article on water, you have to take several things into consideration when deciding what food or water to store. These include:

  • How many of you will staying be in your home? You, family, parents, neighbours, etc
  • How much storage space do you have?
  • Special dietary requirements, eg; diabetic, vegetarian, infants, etc
  • How much can you afford to buy?
  • What type of emergency is it? Civil Rioting, Nuclear, Biological, War, etc
  • What cooking facilities do you have? Gas, electric, wood stove, none, etc
  • How long is the emergency likely to last?

The food you need to store needs to have a long shelf life, so fresh fruit and vegetables are not suitable for storage.
However you can store:

  • food in tins
  • food in plastic containers (that have a long shelf life)
  • dehydrated food
  • dried food of all types including ready meals, nuts, dried fruit, pasta, rice, grains, pulses, dried vegetables, dried fruit, dried milk, teas, coffee, sugar, cooking oils, herbs, spices, and much more.

If you do buy dried food, remember that you are using up valuable water to rehydrate the food. Plus it may need to be cooked, which may use up valuable cooking energy supplies.

If need be, tinned food can be eaten cold, without any additional water. (Make sure you store at least three tin openers with the food).

It might be wise to go to your supermarket or wholesaler, like Costco, and buy in bulk. Remember, you will need at least six months’ supply of food. Make sure you buy carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

It is also a good idea to buy at least six months’ supply of a multivitamin for each of you.

There are many companies that sell emergency food supplies, including ready meals in foil pouches, just like astronauts eat for weeks on end. This food is usually of excellent quality and a full list of these suppliers is available in the resources section.

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